With the GDPR about to come into force, companies have to prioritize where to invest efforts and resources in the run-up to potential enforcement actions. But May 25 will just be the start. The GDPR requires organizations to be accountable and to demonstrate compliance on an ongoing basis. This session focuses on the practical and operational aspects of GDPR.  It explores which GDPR compliance issues are at the forefront of privacy officers’ minds, how to prioritize if you have not finished implementing your GDPR compliance program, and how to take a structured approach to ensuring you can maintain and demonstrate GDPR compliance on an ongoing basis.


Teresa Troester-Falk, Chief Global Privacy Strategist, Nymity
Deb Shita, CIPM, Global Privacy Program Manager, MoneyGram International
Alexys Carlton, Director of Information Assurance & Privacy, Blue Ocean Enterprises, Inc.

: 308


Alexys Carlton

Director of Information Assurance & Privacy
Blue Ocean Enterprises, Inc.

Deb Shita

Global Privacy Program Manager
MoneyGram International

Teresa Troester-Falk

Chief Global Privacy Strategist