Japan’s privacy and data protection regime is unique. While it in some ways resembles the EU model, it also incorporates several aspects of the layered approach of the United States. Japan recently amended its data protection law and received (and granted) an adequacy determination with the EU. Japan’s unique culture has also shaped its notion of privacy (Pu-rai-ba-shi / プライバシー), which is which is similar to and overlaps with data protection. This session will feature experts on Japan and US privacy and data protection law. It will provide a basic introduction into privacy and data protection law in Japan as well as compare Japan’s regime with the US and EU models. As one of the largest and most important economies in the world, Japan Data Protection law is a critical component of the world’s data ecosystem. Understanding both its laws and culture of privacy will be key for interacting with Japanese people and organizations and the international flow of data.

Woodrow Hartzog, Professor, Northeastern University School of Law & College of Computer & Information Science
Hideyuki Matsumi, Independent Researcher (Japan)


Hideyuki Matsumi

Independent Researcher (Japan)

Woodrow Hartzog

Professor of Law & Computer Science
Northeastern University