The right to portability is one of the more complex rights provided under the GDPR and is often embedded into other privacy regimes in some form, perhaps even the California Consumer Privacy Act. It seems simple on its face, but once under review, the details of compliance can get complicated. Many companies worry about providing proprietary information to competitors. One should carefully consider the requirements for portability and eliminate needless concerns. The most frequent complaint to the European Supervisory Authorities is that companies are not fully responsive to individual requests regarding their data. Don’t let that be you.  Come join us for a frank discussion of the simplexity (the simple yet complex) of the right to portability.

K Royal, Sr. Privacy Consultant, TrustArc
Margaret Gloeckle, VP, Privacy & Compliance Counsel, A+E Networks
Debra Bromson, Assistant General Counsel, AAA Club Alliance
Victoria E. Beckman, Partner, Frost Brown Todd LLC


Debra Bromson
Debra Bromson

Assistant General Counsel
AAA Club Alliance Inc.

K Royal

Sr. Privacy Consultant

Margaret Gloeckle

VP, Privacy & Compliance Counsel
A+E Networks

Victoria Beckman
Victoria E. Beckman

Frost Brown Todd LLC